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PDSP - Link compile download error

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1701
Software Version: SigmaStudio 3.9 64-bit OS

Compiler error. Please contact ADI. System.SystemException: RAM

Address exceeds:2048

at Sigma100_Comp.OpcodeValidate.Address_SaturateRAM(Int32ramadr)

at Sigma100_comp.assemblyprocess100.dataram_list(ArrayList Cd_Arr)....

Getting this when trying to link compile download with Dayton KPX and a Dayton KABD4100.

  • Hello 

    Sorry I missed your post until now. 

    I think you have a program that is too large. 

    Check the compiler output file. For the Sigma100 the compiler output window does not function. We added that feature for later SigmaDSPs. Instead, it is in a file. Here is where you find it. 

    In the folder where the project resides you will see that SigmaSudio created a folder for IC1

    Open up that folder and you will see these files:

    Open up the net_list_out2 folder and you will see this:

    Open up the compiler_output.txt file and you will see the statistics of program and data RAM usage. 

    I also noticed that you are using a very old revision of SigmaStudio. Have you tried to change to the most recent version?

    As I think more about the issue you ran into. You might have run into a bug so moving to a new revision may be a good idea. The other detail is that the project might have become corrupted. I have seen this and backtracking by deleting things you have recently added and then putting them back in from the library might help. Going back to an earlier revision and adding in the changes you made might fix this. 

    Dave T