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ADAU 1772 setting

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAU1772


I tested a ADAU1772 EVAL board of ADC to I2S and I2S to DAC setting

But got no signal when looped ADC_DATA0 to DAC_DATA

What did I missing?

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  • Hello MasterAudio

    What inputs are you using on the eval board?

    What kind of jack and how is it wired?

    I say this because ADC0 and ADC1 inputs are wired using a differential input. If you just plug a computer or phone stereo output to it, it will not work correctly. 

    Also, the PGA needs to be properly configured. There are other registers that need to be set. 

    Please send over your project.

    Also, take a scope and see if you see any signal on the I2S output that is being jumped over to the input. See if half of it is working or not working. 

    Dave T 

  • Hi Dave,

    just plug a computer stereo output to it, but if setting below, is that can work correctly?



  • Hello MasterAudio

    What I said in my earlier response applies, there are a lot of other registers that you do not have correctly configured. There are about five reasons why you did not get audio.

    First is the jack going into the input 0. The computer output is not wired correctly, you might get one channel but why don't you just use the line in jack on the eval board that is correctly setup to connect the audio from a computer? It is labeled "Input 2/3". Go into that input. 

    Let me start with the serial port:

    You have it set to Slave. This means there will be no clocks so no data will come out or go in. Set this to Master.

    Next page:

    Most of these settings you had correct but both of the ASRCs are disabled! You will have no audio going in or out. Then if you use ADC 2&3 like I suggest, then you have to make a few more changes to route the correct audio to the serial output port. Set it up like this: ( I circled the changes)

    This next page all looks fine, I personally would turn on the HPF since all ADCs have a little DC offset. 

    This next page is important. Turn on all the buttons I circled. This disables the clocks to the ASRCs. 

    The rest is all fine. 

    So connect the computer to the input 2/3 jack

    Connect headphones to the Stereo Output jack.

    Connect a jumper between pins 8 and 10 that will take the serial output port with the ADC data and loop it back into DAC serial input port. 

    Then compile and download the project and be careful because the audio might be loud!

    Here are some pictures of my setup at my desk and I will attach the project file. 


    I think this about covers all the topics. 

    Dave T