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Clipping issue when switching between categories in apple music.

Category: Choose a category
Product Number: Sigma Studio
Software Version: 4.7


Beginner at Sigma Studio and not well versed with "electronic engineering". Working with JAB5 amplifier (sure electronics) & ADAU1701/E2Prom.

Wrote a new program and I am having random clipping issue. It mostly occurs when I change music category/artist in apple music. When I switch songs with the playlist, clipping does not occur.

I added both soft/hard clips, but did not help.

I have few basic questions.

1. At which position should I added these clippers, immediately after Input or before output.

2. Where and when should I use DC Blocking to avoid clipping?

3. How do I determine, exactly what is causing this random clipping.

So far, with my limited knowledge, I took following steps to avoid this clipping

1. Added HardClip : Can someone please explain Hi & Low params? I experimented with multiple values but no luck.
2. Used Signal Detect and SW slew before output.
3. Added Delay
4. Added DC Blocking before output, immediately after Input and before Tone Control Hierarchy board out put.

This did bring down the horrible clipping sound but did not eliminate it fully.

I even used the JAB5 default programme provided by Sure Electronics and had the same issue.

Any help in identifying and resolving the issue will be very helpful.


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