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pdm mic ADAU1787

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Product Number: ADAU1787
Software Version: Version 4.7. Build 0, Rev 1831 4/5/2022


I am working on ADAU1787. I am trying to connect PDM mic with ADAU1787.i connected PDM mic as according to following connections.

3V3    --------    1.8v    // J7

GND  --------   GND    //J7

SEL   ---------   1.8v

CLK   ---------  CLK0         //J5 

DATA  -------- DATA 0/1    //J5

6232.DIGITAL MIC.dspproj

 mic is not working with this configuration. In MAIN CTRL tab, as shown in image there is wire broken in digital microphone section. i don't know how to connect it.

Thank you

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