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hierarchy board - change from MCU

Category: Software
Software Version: 4.6

Hello everyone!

I'm building a new project with ADAU1452 to manage a multichannel amplifier; DSP is managed through a MCU that load memory at startup and change controls in real time.

The project is divided into Hierarchy board. I need to build different schematics for this hierarchy boards.

My question is: is it possible with my MCU to change only a part of my program (in particular for example to load a different schematich on one Hierarchy board) without having to change the whole DSP program? This could be very useful for example to load dedicated presets for different loudspeakers (naturally with different signal flows and schematics) leaving unaffected the main part of the project that includes signal matrix management and so on...

If you have any idea, I will appreciate your help


  • Hello sec1980,

    You cannot do this as you explained. 

    No, you cannot load in different sections of code. What you can do is load in different snapshots of parameters based on the state of some GPIO pins. 

    So you can setup these variants to have things like different EQ curves, volumes, basically any setting you can do the the SigmaStudio GUI you can capture in one of these snapshots. 

    If you design in some MUX switches then you can also have alternative signal flows as needed that would be switched with the snapshot. 

    You can find the info here:

    Real Time Variant [Analog Devices Wiki]

    Dave T