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Sigma Studio v4.7 Export System Files Not Working

Category: Software
Software Version: Sigma Studio v4.7

Just recently upgraded to v4.7 of Sigma Studio.

When I go to export the system files the following outputs are created but have 0 Bytes associated with them. Basically blank.

  • .params
  • XML
  • .h
  • PARAM.h
  • REG.h

If I go back to v4.6 they export just fine from the project file but using v4.7 they are all blank.  Is there something I am missing with v4.7?



  • Hello shawn,

    We couldn't simulate your issue. We tried the same and exported the files with relevant data.
    Could you please check few things, So that we can sort this out further.

    Can you tell us which DSP you are using? If possible attach your project.

    1) Just compile your program and look at the capture window (params tab). Whether you can see the parameters and data of used modules. May be try with an oscillator input going thru a volume control and to the output.

    2) Did you get the expected output for the project that you try exporting?

    3) Did you try some other projects and ended up getting the same results?

    4) Issues are noted with SigmaStudio running in virtual machines (VMware, etc) and it's recommended to run on a default Windows machine.

    5) Not facing any difficulties in compilation and audio outputs but only in the exported files?

    6) Just re-confirm all the dll's are added and checked.


  • I am using the ADAU1466

    I have used SigmaStudio for years and this is the first time I have seen this behavior:

    1) I see the expected output in the Params window

    3) I just tried a very simple project and it seems to export data.

    4) I am not running a virtual machine.  It is default Windows

    5) Compilation is fine just 0Byte exported files

    6) We do have custom dll's and all are attached and good to go.

    I will have to do a little more digging into my bigger project that it does not export files in v4.7 but as mentioned it does in v4.6.  As stated in 3) a very simple project worked.



  • Hello Shawn,

    Kindly attach your project. So that we could try that whether we can simulate your problem in our end. If you don't want to share it publicly then please share it privately.



  • Hi Shawn,

    We have seen there is a bug in SS 4.7 export when particularly IPAT(Indirect Param Access Table) is enabled. Please find the quick workaround for this issue,
    1. Add any one of UI parameter to the IPAT and Select "Enable  Read".

    2. After step 1 compile and export the schematic files.


  • I did as stated for the workaround and that worked.  I was able to export files after doing Step 1. listed above.