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USBi not recognized but was in the past

Category: Software
Software Version: 4.6 and 4.7

I am testing codecs on several eval boards we purchased.  ADAU1702MINIZ, ADAU1401AEZB, ADAU1772, and ADAU1787.

I was successful testing all but the ADAU1401AEZB.  The USBi would not become recognized and the blue LED would stay on.

I then installed V4.7 to see if it would help.  Nope.

I had terrible organization of the project files (.dspproj) and attempted to move them to a new location.  This was a bad idea as the .dspproj files were outside of the project folder and were not seen by the loader.  Stuff got so messed up.  Luckily my projects are just connecting inputs to outputs with nothing inbetween - so I could rebuild them.  

I then uninstalled V4.6 to end confusion of where files were ending up/found.

This killed recognition of the USBi device for any of the eval boards.  Dead in the water.

So I uninstalled V4.7.  Rebooted the machine and reloaded 4.7.

Still the USBi's are not recognized. 

Is there a registry cleaner or something that gets USB driver support back to normal so an install of 4.7 would go normally and hopefully see all my eval boards?

Once this is resolved I'd like advice on how to contain and move project files to desired locations without this trouble.