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How to trigger the E2Prom.Hex generation using the API

Category: Software
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Software Version: 4.6

Hello out there,

I try to control my SigmaStudio Installation using the SigmaStudio-Server-API.

The API is described here: SigmaStudioServer [Analog Devices Wiki]

Currently I try to export the E2Prom.Hex file (IC 2), needed to flash the connected external memory.

Unfortunately, only the ADAU (IC_1) binaries are provided, when I call "bool COMPILE_PROJECT();".

Up to now it seems to me, that the E2Prom.Hex can only be exported using the UI of SigmaStudio.

I would really appreciate, if there is a way doing it via the API ;)

Best regards


  • May 

    bool SET_OBJECT_PROPERTY( string opcode, string objectName, params object[] propertyParams);

    from the API be a way?

    Or is there something similar?

  • Hello Ingenious,

    I do not know if there is a way directly to create the HEX file. A hint is to understand how and when SigmaStudio creates the hex file. 

    First there has to be an EEPROM connected to the USBi even though there is no way to directly communicate with the EEPROM. It is needed for the properties and also just to know you intend to selfboot. 

    Then compiling the project does NOT create the hex file. The hex file is created when you go to the "Write EEPROM Through the DSP" menu item. It opens up a properties window for the EEPROM then once you click OK from that properties box is when the EERPOM HEX file is created and written to the disk drive on the host computer. If you want to actually write the HEX file. or binary, to the EEPROM then you will have to replicate what SigmaStudio does to program the EEPROM. I do not think there is a way to do this using SigmaStudio Server. 

    If some other user has found as way to do this please respond to this thread. I will come back and update the post if I figure out a way. 

    Dave T

  • Hello Dave,

    at first, thank you for this answer and all the information!!!

    The UI-way of getting the selfboot-HEX is, what I currently do.

    Since my goal is to automate that build and post-process the selfboot-HEX, I tried to trigger that HEX-export via the API.

    But you mentioned a very interesting way of doing it: Understanding, how SigmaStudio generates the HEX in the first place.

    Do you know any source of documentation on that topic, or even better, how it works? 

    If there is a description, I may try to write a little tool to do this for me.

    Thank you for your time, best regards Slight smile

  • Hello community,

    is there anyone, who has another clue / idea on how to master that challenge?