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Upload e2prom to file does not work in Sigma Studio 4.5

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1701, USBi interface, 24LC64
Software Version: SigmaStudio v4.5 Build 0, Rev 1779


I have a problem with E2PROM window, because I try to upload datas from E2PROM to file, but the file does not creating in the folder what I gave in the "Click here two browse for file" window.

I have an ADAU1701 EVAL Board what I use with USBi interface, because the integrated USB interface is not supported on x64 systems.

I see the LED is flashing druing the reading process on USBi interface, after the reading I see the hex codes in the VALUES window, but the creation of the .hex file does not happen. I don not use special characters in the file name, the route of the directory is very simple like C:\Temp. I run Sigma Studio in system administrator mode. The windows user has system administrator rights.

I follow the instructions from this manual:

I use:

USBi interface, ADAU1701 DSP and 24LC64

Sigma Studio v4.5 Build 0, REV 1779.

Windows10Pro 21H2

Thank you,


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