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Issue with ExtSPIDelay on ADAU1452

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAU1452
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.7, Build 0, Rev 1831


We are using the development board for the ADAU1452 because we need to implement a big delay (we expect to be able to delay our sound up to 35 seconds). I am trying to use the functionality but I cannot make it work.

My setup is:

- I have soldered a SOIC8 memory (W25Q32JVSSI) to a breakout board and, with ~2-3 cm cables it has its VCC, GND, DI, DO, CLK pins directly to the TP of th evaluation board.

- I have placed 10Kohm pull-up resistances between nWP and nHOLD pins to VCC

- I have soldered the CS pin to MP9 (TP29), and placed a 10Kohm pull-up resistor to VCC

- I have checked that the first byte sent on the bus was 0x06 (as this topic suggested that was happening in an old version of SigmaStudio)

- I guess that the other topic that is also resolved and working smoothly at the SigmaStudio UI

- I even tried to use Chip ID 0 (so use the onboard memory) but I had no different results, I hadn't any audio at the output. I have not changed the onboard memory with my own memory, though. I was expecting to be able to use an external chip as I a m planning to add two of them and test my program for delaying two audio channels by those big delay times.

I kindly ask AD support people (especially   as he seems to know this topic quite well) so I can use this chip for implementing big delays.

Many thanks in advance. Best regards,


  • Hello Manuel,

    I could use some time to study this. Would it be possible for you to attach your project? That would help.

    Dave T

  • Dear Dave,

    I attatch here the simple project I am using to test this feature.I have one analogic input and I output it directly though one audio channel, and delayed by a second audio channel.

    I have noted that I hear a 'pop noise' periodically, and this period increments with the memory size in the ExtDelay block. I guess that what we have here is that it is not properly writting the data into the memory (maybe it is not sending correctly the WriteEnable command?) and I get at the output the audio interpretation of a empty memory (and something strange at the beggining/end that makes the pop noise).

    Many thanks for your kind help here.