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Problem initializing ADAU1466 by software

Category: Software
Product Number: ADAU1466
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.7


I have a hardware design with an ADAU1466, connected to a dsPIC Microcontroller through an SPI port. I generate the files for the C language directly with SigmaStudio (I am using the latest version, 4.7) and incorporate them into my Microcontroller project.

I have generated a simple DSP program where I have gains and equalizations. Everything works perfectly. I load the program in the DSP through the SPI of the microcontroller, I change the parameters of the DSP in real time... All correct.

I have generated the same program adding a Delay block to it with just a few samples and everything still works perfectly, but... if I significantly increase the size of the Delay until SigmaStudio needs to use the DM0 and DM1 memory blocks the program does not work correctly . The DSP does not process data.

I don't know what I could be doing wrong. Do you have any information about this problem?

On the other hand, is it possible for SigmaStudio to export the C code without needing it to export all memory? The data arrays take up a lot of space to have a 0 in most of the memory locations. It would be more optimized if the size of the arrays were adjusted to the size of the data needed, optimizing the use of memory in a microcontroller for example. When using delay blocks with a lot of capacity, for example 20K samples we have an 80Kbyte data matrix all of 0s.