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Interchangeability of ADAU1452/1451/1450 and ADAU1462/1466


As said in ADAU1462/1466 datasheet, it seems to be compatible pin to pin and in registers to the ADAU1452/1451/1450. I would like to know if this is really true and (with a reduced signal process to perform that even the less powerfull of them can manage) maybe set all the list in a BOM so my assembler can fit the one they can find. I am asking this question because I have seen this unanswered thread [where ,  and   were discussing about it with no final answer] and I am trying to make my design easier to manufacture. I would like to confirm the interchangeability in terms also of programming, so I can fit a single program in any of them without noticinf from the outside.

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