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Interchangeability of ADAU1452/1451/1450 and ADAU1462/1466


As said in ADAU1462/1466 datasheet, it seems to be compatible pin to pin and in registers to the ADAU1452/1451/1450. I would like to know if this is really true and (with a reduced signal process to perform that even the less powerfull of them can manage) maybe set all the list in a BOM so my assembler can fit the one they can find. I am asking this question because I have seen this unanswered thread [where ,  and   were discussing about it with no final answer] and I am trying to make my design easier to manufacture. I would like to confirm the interchangeability in terms also of programming, so I can fit a single program in any of them without noticinf from the outside.

Thanks in advance. BR,


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  • Also, I would like to invite and   to the conversation due to the unclosed topic here: 

    My whole point in my project is, apart of DSP, execute a big delay, so I need the external memory. I would like to know if I can "close my eyes" and fit any chip of the ones that are similar (ADAU1452, ADAU1451, ADAU1450, ADAU1452-150, ADAU1462-300, ADAU1462-150, ADAU1466 and all the automotive versions)

  • And also I just found this topic:  CODE CAMPATIBLITY BETWEEN ADAU1450/1/2

    So I also Invite   and   to this thread to help me with this matter. Would a code generated for the ADAU1450 work in any of the mentioned chips?

  • Hello,

    I hope both 145x and 146x series will do all the operations and functions in a same way. The major differences between the ADAU145x and ADAU146x series are the memory unit (program memory and data memory) and extra pins like SDATAIO pins(only for ADAU1463/66), GPIO pins, Auxadc pins, clock frequency(only ADAU1450 runs at 147.5MHZ) and few.. These are all the main differences between these families. Both family processors will support the functions and algorithms almost in a same way. If your project has a memory concern then you have to choose among these wisely.  ADAU1467 has a higher memory unit than 145x. 

    Or without getting confused , Just give us a bit more info about your application. We may help you with your need.



  • Hello Harish,

    Many thanks for your answer. I tell you here a little bit of our project (already posted here but with no answer).

    At the moment we have an algorithm correctly running in a ADAU1701. Now we need to add a crazy delay (up to 30 seconds for a 48KHz stereo 16-bit audio stream) so we thought of changing to the ADAU145x family and add this functionality (although we will need also a CODEC, we are planning to use the ADAU1772 for this). Due to the chip sourcing problem, that is affecting also to AD parts, we are trying to ensure our production by being able to fit different parts for the DSP.

    With this little information, the final question arises: can I have a SigmaStudio project (and my main MCU functions to change the registers during operation) for the ADAU1450 (which I understand is the weakest of the ADAU145x/ADAU146x families) and run the same code no matter the finally fitted part?

    Again, many thanks for your time. BR,


  • Here's what I can tell you: our program for the ADAU1452 works unmodified on the ADAU1462-300, and in general I would expect a high degree of compatibility across all the devices you mentioned, provided the runtime target has sufficient program memory and data memory for the needs of the program.

    An important caveat is that certain devices run at half the clock speed, specifically the ADAU1450, ADAU1462-150, and ADAU1463-150. I have no personal experience with these devices so I don't know what impact this has beyond the obvious reduction in number of clock cycles available per sample, though you've already found evidence that it affects clock configuration specifically when using external SPI.