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ADAU1463/67 State of I2S Bus in RESET

Hey everyone,

quick question about the ADAU1463/67 State of I2S-Bus-Pins in RESET Mode.

I suspect the ADAU1463 is behaving similar to the ADAU1451 on the I2S-Pins, therefore the answer ( RE: DSP - ADAU1451 - State of pins during RESET ) would apply. If so, what is the pulldown resistor value which is active during reset? I want to use one I2S-In Bus multiplexed with an external SPI programmer for the Bluetooth Module which is hooked up there. (QCC3008).

--> The BT Module is programmed per SPI, its Bus is multiplexed with the I2S-Output and is set via a single Pin which is either pulled high or low. The plan is to use a simple switch/pin to set the BT in Programming-Mode and using the same Pin to RESET the DSP in order not to interfere with the SPI-Bus while flashing the BT.

I guess this should be possible if the passive pulldown of the DSP on that bus is not too strong, but just to make sure before i commit to that specific design ;) 

Thanks alot!

best regards,


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