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Can I use ADAU1467 for active noise cancellation

Hi, I am a noob here.

I have a ADAU1467 Evakuation Kit and I am using it very first time.

I have explored some of filters in the sigma studio and I am searching for active noise cancellation filter 

I got this link which shows it supports only ADAU145x series.

So i am in a doubt that ADAU1467 supports Active noise cancellation or not?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Rajbir,

    I hope both will do all the operations and functions in a same way.The major differences between the ADAU145x and ADAU146x series are the memory unit (program memory and data memory) and extra pins like SDATAIO pins(only for ADAU1463/66), GPIO pins, Auxadc pins, clock frequency(only ADAU1450 runs at 147.5MHZ) and few.With these features the 146x series is a way higher than the 145x series. These are all the main differences between these families. Both family processors will support the functions and algorithms almost in a same way. If your project has a memory concern then you have to choose among these wisely. It is good to go with what you have already, ADAU1467 has a higher memory unit than 145x. You can surely use ADAU1467 for this.



  • Hi, is there any Active noise cancellation project, please share if any.

  • Hi Rajbir,

    There will not be a single block or filter for ANC.It is a multiple level of operations.It has multiple levels to design with respect to your application. Here  I have posted a link of a query, Which has the application of noise cancellation, a bit similar to your question and  you may have an idea there about Noise cancellation.

    Please refer FxLMS and NLMS blocks from wiki here and here.

    Please try to search in the forum with a key word "active noise cancellation", you will get a lot of posts regarding ANC, from that you will get a view of it.

    If you have any specific questions in your design then kindly revert us.



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