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Can I use ADAU1467 for active noise cancellation

Hi, I am a noob here.

I have a ADAU1467 Evakuation Kit and I am using it very first time.

I have explored some of filters in the sigma studio and I am searching for active noise cancellation filter 

I got this link which shows it supports only ADAU145x series.

So i am in a doubt that ADAU1467 supports Active noise cancellation or not?

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Rajbir,

    I hope both will do all the operations and functions in a same way.The major differences between the ADAU145x and ADAU146x series are the memory unit (program memory and data memory) and extra pins like SDATAIO pins(only for ADAU1463/66), GPIO pins, Auxadc pins, clock frequency(only ADAU1450 runs at 147.5MHZ) and few.With these features the 146x series is a way higher than the 145x series. These are all the main differences between these families. Both family processors will support the functions and algorithms almost in a same way. If your project has a memory concern then you have to choose among these wisely. It is good to go with what you have already, ADAU1467 has a higher memory unit than 145x. You can surely use ADAU1467 for this.



  • Thank you for the early reply, Please give a link for active noise cancellation filter if any.

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