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I need to have 48 channel IO using the ADAU1467.

The plan is to use 2 ADAU1442's as LJ to TDM16 converters with SRC's on the inputs.

The 2 TDM16 IO will connect to the ADAU1467 for the "first" 32 channels.

I would then like to have the remaining 16 channels as LJ stereo pairs x 8

Is this possible with the various combinations of serial IO on the ADAU1467?

  • Hello Ron,

    You can use 2 TDM16 IO ,that will cover all 32 channels of serial port 0 and 1.But you can't use 8 IO stereo pairs for another 16 channels.The serial port 2 and 3 only have 2 pairs of stereo each. So you can only use 4 stereo pairs of IO with the use of SDATAIOx pins.

    serial port 2 - left,right SDATAIOx left, SDATAIOx right - 4 channels.

    serial port 3 - left,right SDATAIOx left, SDATAIOx right - 4 channels.

    So this will only have 4 pairs of stereo that is 8 channels.

    You can use 2 TDM8 that will cover 16 channels of sport 2 and 3.

    Please refer the attached screenshot of the datasheet for various combination of serial IO. This is given in the page number 50 and 52 of datasheet ADAU1467.

                       serial input

                         serial output

    Kindly revert us if you need further clarification.