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ADAU1467 AEC project incomplete pages

I downloaded ADAU1467 AEC for testing from your website:


Unfortunately, when I opened the project, I found incomplete pages:



I tried SigmaStudio 4.6 and SigmaStudio 4.5 with same result. Any Ideas?


Mark Naiditch

  • Hi naimark,

    The reason behind this is, the AEC and RES blocks are licensed one from ADI. You can have a trial for this blocks by downloading this in "Available downloads" in the tree tool box or you can follow the below mentioned instructions.

    The AEC blocks are available in trial versions that time out and mute after 30 minutes. There is a counter on each of the block in the schematic that counts down the seconds until mute (shown as the full 1800 seconds in the image above). The timer is reset on each-compile-link-download.

    The trial versions of the AEC and RES blocks may be downloaded using the Downloadable Add-Ins feature of SigmaStudio version 4.2 and later. Access to the downloads may be found on the Tools menu.

    The AEC block will be present in the tree tool box under ADI Algorithm>>AEC.

    when you download and install those files, and then if you open your project these blocks will be present in the empty space of your screenshot posted above.

    The RES block will be present in the block schematic page, under ADI Algorithm >>AEC.

    For licensing Please follow this page .Licensing info was given at the bottom of the page.

    Kindly revert us if you need anything.



  • Hello,

    I think you need to go to Tools->Manage Add-ins and install the AEC trial, see the image below

  • Hello,

    Yes indeed, Thank you bitmechanic.I missed to post this screenshot. Once you complete the installations of these blocks, Then only the AEC and RES trial blocks will be available under ADI Algorithm in both schematic and Block schematic pages respectively.