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ADAU1467 - Suppression of Mechanical Noise and use of two microphones

Hi all,

I want to achieve the effect of active noise cancellation (ANC) for the recognition of the human voice with mechanical noise from machine tools and engines (according to the design of the post attached at the bottom). I use two microphones for the device where the 1st mic is dynamic (main microphone) and the 2nd mic is electret with preamplifier (reference microphone).
- voice transmission;
- suppression of noise received by the main microphone.

I conducted an experiment on EVAL-ADAU1467Z with the provided project and achieved probably some minimal result. Some effect was present but the noise in the vocal range was not suppressed, so the person's voice could not be heard clearly. What can you recommend to solve this situation?

The reference microphone is placed at a distance of 50 cm from the main microphone. Type of noise - mechanical (machine tools, engines, etc.).

Figure1 - Block diagram

Figure 2 - Approximate representation of the complete structure

Figure 3 - Photo (complete design unfortunately does not fit in the photo)

NLMS filter-DT-Edits.dspproj


Artem (Fox108).

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