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2 ADAU1701 AND 1 1 I2C LINE

Hello, there. The card I designed includes 2 ADAU1701, 3 tanae EEPROM and 1 processor. They are on the only I2C line to communicate with each other. I've made and run software for 1 Adau in the Sigma studio app. But 2. Adauya code is not going. The device is not connected error. How do I solve this? Do I have to do the software for two candidates in one project when I create the project? If you have a source document on this issue, can you pass it on? What should I do?

1.ADAU1701 Address 0x68
2.ADAU1701 Address 0x6A
1.EEPROM address 0xA6
2.eeprom address 0xA0

  • Hello, there. Another question is, how do you identify the address from the R/W pin in the Table 16 address table on page 23 in the datasheet of ADAU1701? It should not be identified from the R/W pins. I have to do reading and writing. Already there are no such addresses in the sigma studio. The Sigma studioda can provide 8 addresses for I2C. But how do you do that with 2 address pins? I'd appreciate it if you could help me with that.

  • Hello YLmazGNDZ,

    I wish they did not put in the R/W pin state in that table 16. It only confuses the issue. Just look at the lines where R/W is zero. So the four addresses set by the pins are 0x68, 0x6A, 0x6C and ox6E.

    These are the only address combinations you can get with the two pins. Yes, the address byte will be different when you set the byte for a read but that is a different subject from just setting the address.

    In SigmaStudio the USBi for some reason has four more addresses. Do not use those, the 1701 cannot use those addresses. 

    Now there are other more serious issues you will have to work out. The 1701 can only selfboot from one EEPROM address, A0. So you will have to separate the I2C buss between the two part when selfbooting. Once the self boot is complete for both DSPs, then you can connect the two I2C busses together. There are bus repeaters available that you can setup to connect using what ever logic you desire. One good way is to use the 5V output of the USBi to trigger the repeater to connect the two busses. You can also use digital switches. There are many ways to do this. You can also use jumpers. 

    Dave T