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SigmaStudio v4.6 vs NoiseReductionTrial 1.0.0 vs FFT / IFFT vs AcousticEchoCancellationTrial on EVAL-ADAU1452

Hi Team,

Please help.

After managed install NoiseReductionTrial 1.0.0 block from "Available Downloads" category, the "Acoustic Echo Canceller" block appears in "ADI Algorithm" category, but there is NO "NoiseReduction" block presented in any category.

A screenshot has been pasted for reference.

Please let me know where to find the "NoiseReductionTrial 1.0.0" block.

Also, the "SIGMA300 NOISE REDUCTION (NR) PLUG-IN FOR SIGMASTUDIO USER GUIDE" (KT-2XXX REV 0.1 10 OCTOBER 2017) mentions that this block should be used with FFT block and IFFT block (Chapter 3 Example Usage), but both FFT and IFFT blocks are not available in SigmaStudio v4.6 for ADAU1452 yet. Please also instruct how to overcome this issue.

Please help. I need to have this "NoiseReductionTrial" block and relevant ready before your company annual holidays.