Questions about filters in the SigmaStdio


There are many filter controls in SigmaStdio, and many controls have Butterworth filters, such as the Parametric EQ and the NTh Order Filter controls,but their parameters are different.
Can the parameters of these two controls be shared?

  • Hello chenxuezong,

    What processor are you using?

    Are you asking if the parameters of one filter can be shared with the other?

    The answer is not exactly. If you look at the Params tab you will see the coefficients for the filters. The Nth order has many biquads depending on the order. The Parametric has one biquad. There is not much reason for copying the coefficients. Here is a screenshot showing the difference. This comes from an ADAU1452 but will apply for all of our SigmaDSP products. The reason why I asked which processor is because some of them you have other options. 

    So tell us what you want to do and we may be able to come up with a different way to accomplish your goals. 

    Dave T