ADAU1787 - another slow to fast interpolator issue.

So I want to run the FDSP at 768KHz for best ANC response, but need to run the SDSP fairly slow as it's got lots of sums to do: as 32KHz still isn't available as an option on the Fint input, I'm having to run it at 24KHz. Having set all the various blocks to run at the correct sample rates when I go to compile I get an "incompatible sample rate" error. Looking through the table I see that  that pops up I see a declared interpolator rate of 384K


but I've set the FInt to 24KHz input, 768KHz output here

What is the way round this please?

And also, for the Nth time of asking please can we have the ability to use a 32KHz input rate for the slow to fast interpolator, stuff does sound a whole heap better than at 24KHz. If a non-binary ratio is hard to interpolate, a 512KHz clock frequency for the FDSP could be an option?? Thanks.