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I got EVAL-ADAU1467Z REV B board recently. I have couple of problems:

1- I need circuit schematics of this board.

2- I 'm able to load and run ADAU1467 by MCU via SPI connection. it seems analog outputs of AD1937 is fine with sampling rate 48Khz. I need to increase sampling rate 192KHz. To get correct signal at CODEC outputs I need to change register settings of AD1937 as well. I made connection J6/1(SCL) and J6/3(SDA) to MCU. S2 switch is CODEC BOOT MODE. Unfortunately I Have not able to read register contents of AD1937 nor abble to write AD1937 registers. I realy dont understand what 's missing. 

3- Do I have to set some registers on ADAU1467 to communicate between MCU and AD1937 ,it helps if there's sample code for AD1937 I2C communication

Kind Regards,

  • Hello Husnu,

    We have a more complete answer for you with examples soon. But let me jump in here to answer some things.

    Here is the schematics:


    Question 2: 

    The AD1937 is tied to MP24 and MP25 of the DSP. These pins can be set to be the master I2C port. This is to allow the DSP to control and boot up other parts. This is a different I2C port from the slave port. So your MCU is probably connected to the slave port so as to communicate with the DSP. So you will not be able to communicate with the codec that is on another I2C port. So I think that may be the issue here. 

    You can jumper over the I2C lines to the slave port but then you have to change the slave port over to I2C and that is not easy. So the best route is to actually use the DSP to boot up the codec. We will have details on doing that soon. 

    Dave T

  • Hi David,

    I 'm able write and read codec on my eval board by I2C and able to generate signal with 192KHz sampling rate. I have a problem circuit schematics and codec input and output channels:

    1-) I have EVAL-ADAU1467Z 08-0485 Rev.B board. I have required circuit schematics of this board, you probably send me the wrong one because channels’ labels are different:


    On My Eval Board

    On Your Schematics


























    Could you please double check which one is correct!

    2-) I’m using eval board with default configuration and SigmaStudio Version 4.6 , and I don’t have any output signal on output channels except CH0-CH1. Do you have any comment !

  • Hello Husnu,

    Sorry for the confusion. I just looked closer at your picture of the PCB and looked through my records and I do not see one that is the same. So I am going to ask Ken for help in this since he is the person who designed these boards. 

    Regarding output on the other jacks. 

    You have to setup the SDATAIO pins that are assignable to output the channels. Channels 4&5, 8&9, and 12&13 are all on serial port 0 and the SDATAIO pins allow access to these upper channels but the serial port has to be setup properly. This information is in the datasheet but I will see if Ken might have an example project.

    Dave T   

  • Here is the correct schematic for the Rev B board. Your channel designation (the ones on the silkscreen) are correct:


    Here is a project demonstrating how to set the AD1937 CODEC on that board to 192 kHz.

    2642.SigmaDSP Programming CODEC via I2C to 192

    Lastly, here is a demo project that shows how to configure all of the serial connections for the CODEC. It includes the GPIO and connections necessary for the optional Mic Canvas daughtercard, too, but you can ignore those inputs and configuration of MP24/MP25.


  • Hello Husnu,

    Regarding the serial port configuration of ADAU1467 Eval board : Like Dave said you can use output channels 4&5,8&9,12&13 and input channels 36&37 with proper serial port setup.Here I have included a project with all set serial ports (input and output channels) of ADAU1467.Hope it will be useful for you.

    Thanks David for your support.ADAU1467 s.port example for eval board 08-048585.dspproj

    Thanks & Regards,


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