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.dspproj file EULA

Perhaps not an engineering-focused question, but our legal team is wondering about the license agreement to transfer of .dspproj files generated from SigmaStudio between different companies. The SigmaStudio EULA ( would suggest non-transferability, but we think the agreement is specific to the SigmaStudio software itself, not the .dspproj files. We hope to get some clarification on this.

  • Hello,

    Here is my perspective from an Applications standpoint...

    The purpose of the EULA is to protect Analog Devices' IP. For SigmaStudio, this refers to the SigmaStudio executable program, auxiliary DLLs, and other contents of the program folder.

    The .dspproj files you create and save only contain your program flow and parameters. They are not Analog Devices IP and will not fall under the EULA. You can freely share your SigmaStudio schematics between companies. The same applies to exported header files for microcontroller integration.

    But I am not a lawyer. If you'd like a more formal response, please let me know.

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