3 x TDM8 inputs to ADAU1467

Hi there,

I have a Multichannel USB streamer device that I wish to use to send 24 channels of digital audio to an ADAU1467, utilising 3 x TDM8 lines.

Therefore, I am hoping to just use Serial Inputs 0, 1 & 2 to receive the 3 x TDM8 streams.

The USB device says it always operates as clock master (i.e. the clock lines are always outputs).  

Can I simply set the 3 x serial ports of the ADAU1467 to slave their clocks to the respective serial ports, or will I need to use the ASRC's?  

I note that I can only have up to 16 ASRC outputs to the DSP for processing, therefore I assume I can't have 24 TDM inputs in my project if I need to use ASRC's?

Thanks for any assistance/guidance you can provide me.

Kind regards,