In one folder of .dspproj files from 3 years ago, no file will open, and no error message is generated.

I have a folder of .dspproj files from about three years ago that I think were generated under a version of Sigma Studio from that same era.  When I attempt to open any of these, Sigma Studio starts, but eventually just brings up a blank page, as if it were ready to start a new design, and there is no explanation or error messages that pops-up on the screen.  I've tried both the 3.1.4 and 4.2 versions of Sigma that I have on my machine, both functioning well with other designs, and both behave this same way.  Other Sigma files from another folder in this the same time period open just fine under 4.2, and open with expected error messages under 3.1.4.

Here are the first few lines when I open one of these un-openable files with MS Notepad:

I wonder if anyone sees something glaringly wrong here.  I'd be happy to share one of these files if someone here might shed light on this.  The only difference I note between this file and one that will open is in that third line.  Where this file reads: SStudio.DesignDoc[funny b], one that opens reads: SStudio.DesignDoc[accented u].

Thanks, anyone!

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 16, 2021 9:41 PM

    Hello Jim,

    Send me the files you are having issues with. You can use a PM or email if you have my email address.


    Dave T 

  • Hi, Dave, and thanks very much for the offer. 

    I couldn't figure out how to attach a local (on my computer) file to the PM utility, which seemed only to want a picture or video file.  There must be a way, but I couldn't do it.  So instead I took one of the files that wouldn't open and put it up on my Dropbox account, where I was going to link you to it.  Lo and behold, when I double-clicked that file in my local Dropbox folder (the one on the computer) it opened just fine.  Same thing if I just drag it to my Desktop.  So for some reason Sigma Studio can't gain access to the individual file within its assigned storage folder!

    Here's the path to one that opens normally:
    C:\Users\Lab\Documents\Interesting Stuff Vault\Disc Recording\Schlockwood StereoScriber\Second Cutterhead\2nd Cutterhead DSP Files\Second Cutterhead\Disc Record Cutter2a.dspproj

    And this is the path to one of many that won't open:
    C:\Users\Lab\Documents\Interesting Stuff Vault\Disc Recording\Schlockwood StereoScriber\First Cutterhead\First Cutterhead DSP Files\Disc Record Cutter1q.dspproj

    The only difference that I can see is that the folder that Sigma can't get into has 17 .dspproj files in it, and the one that Sigma can access has one extra folder level (which includes a couple of PDFs) and contains only two files:

                          (None of these files opens)

                              (These open normally)

    Sure beats me, but again thanks for your offer to help.

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    on Sep 18, 2021 12:10 AM in reply to electrojim

         Hi Jim,

         Glad to hear that you were able to fix the issue.  For future reference -- ever since ADI transitioned from Jive to Telligent forum s/w, you now need to Zip your .dspproj file(s) before attaching them.

         Best regards,