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Two AD1938 in daisy chain with ADAU1452


I am trying to connect two AD1938 in "daisy chain" mode to one ADAU1452 DSP, but I am stuck... 

The first thing I want to do is to config the hardware registers on both codecs so they can work in "daisy chain". For that I am using USBi and Sigma Studio (SPI). 

USBi is properly connected and detected by Sigma Studio. I am using SPI, so MISO, MOSI, SS and SCL are used between USBi and AD1938. Also, 5volts are provided to the codec. 

When I choose "Get Current Settings from Chip" all AD1938 settings go to default (all muted, disabled, power down, etc.). After that I modify all the settings and choose "Write Current Settings to Chip". Everything seems to be written to the chip, as my capture screen shows the blocks write, and "Downloaded" is shown on the right bottom corner. So far so good.

To verify that settings where written to codec, I now set  "Get Current Settings from Chip" , which should show all the settings I made previously, but instead all goes -again- to default (all muted, disabled, power down, etc.).

When trying this, I am not connected to the DSP, only to the codec.

Any clues what I am doing wrong? 


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