ADAU1467 - ASRC bit depth limitation?

As per, the ADAU1452 has ASRCs which are limited to 24 bits in hardware. Is there such a restriction in the ADAU1467? I could not find any mention of supported formats in the datasheet but could have missed it. 

EDIT: To clarify - I am talking about 16/24 bit PCM, with padding to 32 bits. A source I intend to use with ASRC only outputs 32 bit i2s, but I will only be playing 16/24 bit PCM through it.

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    on Sep 10, 2021 9:08 PM

    Hello IAmAudrey,

    The ADAU1467 has the same bit depth limitation. It is only 24 bits. 

    If your source is sending out I2S in its standard format of 1-bit delayed from the clock edge and a 32 bit data slot. Then you will be fine. No adaptation required. 

    Simply route the serial port to the ASRC as usual and it will only pass on the upper 24 bits to the ASRC and truncate the bottom 8 bits. So you will be fine and there is nothing you have to do to the audio data except enjoying listening to it! Slight smile

    You do not have to set the DSP serial ports to the 32 bit mode. Leave it set to the 24 bit mode and so it will properly truncate the data. 

    Dave T

  • Perfect!

    Thank you Dave, very helpful as always.