ADAU1452 "Single Level Detector w Numeric Display" parameters missing from System Files output

I have a project which uses a "Single Level Detector w Numeric Display" so that an attatched microcontroller can read the level. However, when I look in the exported System Files for the relevant paramenters, there are some missing:

Here is a screenshot of a representative project, showing the parameters I expected to see in the exported System Files:

When I look in RmsLevelBug.xml or RMSLEVELBUG_IC_1_PARAM.h I can find TCONST, hold, decay, X, X_Lo, LinX, LinX_Lo

but rms, held_db, hold_count, x_sq, dbout are all missing.

There is also an additional unnamed parameter with address 0!

I presumed that the "rms" parameter would be the one I need to read (and sqrt), but it is not being emitted.

For this small project I can overcome this manually, but for larger projects I need to have the parameter adresses generated automatically to avoid human error bugs.

I have tried with SigmaStudio V4.5 and V4.6 and the result is the same.

Is this a bug, or should I be using one of the other parameters?


added project files
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