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EVAL-ADAU1452 - distortion on i2s inputs

Hi there,

I have an external i2s source which I connected to my logic analyser to confirm a solid digital signal:

It shows a 3MHz SCLK, 48kHz LRCLK and the i2s analyser gets good 24-bit data values.

I then move the 4 cables from my logic analyser to the IN2 header pins on the EVAL-1452 board, but when I listen to the audio output it is distorted and sounds almost like it is pulsing noise at 3-4 Hz.  You can sort of hear some of the content from time to time. 

Test file

Obviously there is something wrong in my setup.  I tried to also route serial input 2 to ASRC0, the output of which sounds the same as just grabbing the serial 2 input.  The gain sliders have no effect over the output volume.  One channel is noticeably louder than the other.

I have attached my SigmaStudio test file also.

I hope you can help!  Many thanks!  Slight smile

i2s test project - Sigma Studio