Programming two ADAU1452 with two USBi, using the same computer

Hi folks,

I'm trying to program two instances of the same loudspeaker with one instance of Sigma studio and USBi, but I have hit a brick wall. The procedure explained here wont work, because speakers A and B are separate, and must be tested at varying distances to each other.

My setup:

Laptop USB port 1 -> USBi -> speaker A (ADAU 1466)

Laptop USB port 2 -> USBi -> speaker B (ADAU 1466)

Ideally, I would like to:

1. be able to program both speaker A and B with the same sigma studio file in one go (the solution explained here 

2. and, be able to program both speaker A and B with different programs, but from the same instance of Sigma studio.

Is there a way I can configure the USBi block in HW config to achieve this? Or any other way?


Added explanation of why wont work.
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