SigmaStudio: Embed a version number?

So I've seen a few threads on this topic, but no definitive answers.  Since most of the previous questions are older, I thought I'd ask again in case something has improved in recent months.

We need a means of an external host being able to tell what version of our software is running in our DSP.  We have the host setup to be able to read over SPI, and we can read arbitrary memory locations and registers.  So we're pretty flexible on where the version string/number ends up, but we need to know exactly where it is.

First potential solution: Are there "dummy" registers in the ADAU1467 that could be used to store a version number?  Using a DC block in SigmaStudio, we could have the version loaded into the DSP register during boot, making it available for the host to read.

Second potential solution: Is there a way to guarantee the address of a DC block value?  I saw a thread suggesting that linking a DC block to the first input channel *could* fix it to a particular location in memory, but there was no guarantee.  We need to know the memory address definitively if we're going to read it.

Are there any other ideas?