Source Audio SA601

Hi guys,

I’ve been dabbling in building my own analog guitar pedals, but would like to have a crack at using DSP. I’ll admit that I haven’t got any experience in this area, but I’m fairly switched on, so I am confident that I will be able to learn along the way.

I have been looking at the ADAU1701 and plan to get a dev board to start learning. However, I’ve been reading some of the threads here which suggest that it isn’t capable of high quality reverb/delays, which is ultimately where I want to end up.

I have also been looking at which DSP chips other guitar pedal manufacturers use. In particular, I read that Source Audio collaborated with AD to produce the SA601 chip. I have also read that this chip is also known as the ADAU1701. Please correct this information if it is wrong.

 If the SA601 is the same chip, I am aware that some of Source Audio’s pedals are Dual DSP. Would this be how they are able to make higher quality reverbs etc?

If it isn’t the same chip, are the SA601’s available to purchase to the general public?

Any help greatly appreciated. I’m excited to get my feet wet with DSP and this forum looks like an excellent resource for information.

Thanks in advance