Problems starting ADAU1452.

Hello. There is a board of our own design on the ADAU1452. I can't start 
the processor in any way. The circuit uses a 12.288 MHz quartz crystal.
Generation is present on it. The project is loaded into the DSP via the
I2C interface. The selfboot pin is pulled to the ground. With an oscilloscope,
I see the exchange of data on this bus with the processor. I can read the
states of the registers, but I cannot write. When reading, I see the initial
values ​​of the registers. There is no generation on the clkout output. What
could be the problem?
I found this: when you select a clock source directly from MCLK, the PLL closes
(Lock lights up green, a clock appears at the CLKOUT output), when you select a
PLL source as a source, all settings fly to the initial ones.

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