Reversing signal in ADAU1452?

Hi guys,

Is there any way to reverse an audio signal in sigma studio? I am thinking about a system that receives input, stores a number of samples (I'm thinking around 15000 samples in a 48 kHz project), and outputs the reversed version of it (delayed by the same amount of samples). I am attaching a graph I made in Matlab, where the second picture is simply flipping the sample order and plotting it. Is there a way to do that transformation in sigma studio?

original audio vs reversed audio


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    on May 6, 2021 1:36 AM

         Hello Levi,

         I'm sorry that no one answered your question yet.  SigmaStudio can do amazing things with audio, yet unfortunately we don't get to play with timing as one could by programming a general-purpose DSP.  I show a "trick" way to reverse time here -- but it's not very good.  For one thing, it wastes half the delay, thus limiting the length of sound that can be processed.

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  • Hi KJBob,

    I indeed visited your post about the trick on that thread about mirroring a signal and tried your diagram. But as you said the trick did cut a considerable sample time available. I really appreciate your answer and thank you for clearing things up!



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