ADAU1466 Synchronous Sample Rate Conversion (48kHz to 96kHz) the Hard Way

Let's say I have an I2S source (ADC) at 48kHz and I want to run my ADAU1466 DSP filters at 96kHz and I want the output I2S serial port (DAC) to run at the same 96kHz.  The MCLK is synchronous to the ADC, DSP, and DAC (phase is unknown but constant).  The easy solution is to just use the internal ASRCs and call it a day, but let's say I enjoy suffering and I want to do my own synchronous sample rate converter with a self-designed FIR interpolation filter.  What's the procedure in SigmaStudio to up-sample the ADC serial port by 2 (inserting 0 every other sample) from 48kHz to 96kHz?  Is it as simple as letting the ADC clock the LRCLK_IN0 synchronously to the DSP at 48kHz and using the up-sample by 2 block in SigmaStudio with my project configured for 96kHz processing?

Thanks for entertaining my question!