Support for the SSM2604 codec in SigmaStudio? Or recommended replacement that is already supported?

Are there plans, or would it be possible to request, for SigmaStudio to get support for the SSM2604 audio codec? I am considering upgrading the DSP I am using for the next revision of my development board from an ADAU1701 to an ADAU1452 due to the extra memory allowing for a significantly larger number of delay samples. The 1701 contains built-in ADC/DACs, but since the 1452 does not, I now need to select a codec IC to handle that for me.

After browsing around the selection table of audio codecs, I found the SSM2604 which is just about perfect for my design. I only require a single channel in and out, and the SSM2604 gives me stereo in and out. Perfect!

However, it appears that the SSM2604 is not currently supported by SigmaStudio. This would make development slightly more difficult than it has to be, as it would require me to have the microcontroller doing the configuration of this part before I connect my board to SigmaStudio via USBi. While this is definitely doable and not an extreme issue, it would be great if I could get SigmaStudio to do all this configuration for me!

Alternatively, if there are no plans to support this IC in SigmaStudio, is there a recommended replacement codec with similar specifications that is supported? Ideally one that is not overkill for my needs - stereo in and out are really all I require, and ideally a lower-cost part would be better.