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[Bug Report] ADAU1467 Interface Write creates Self Boot failure


Having spent many hours trying to understand what was going wrong, I now have a minimum project to demonstrate this failure.

Simply put, the existence of an Interface Write block prevents Self Boot. Take the following trivial example, the oscillator is simply to produce an output that tells me all is well, and the DC block is a substitute for my volume control GPIO configuration : -

If the Interface Write block is removed then 'Write latest compilation through DSP' works perfectly, and a tone can be heard.

With the Interface Write block in place Link Compile Download works perfectly, however 'Write latest compilation through DSP' appears to work ok, but doesn't produce a tone.

From earlier tests using SPI Read I can see that the Interface Write does successfully write to the correct EEPROM address when using Link Compile Download (The WriteAddress defined in the parameters)

I'm using I2C to connect to the board, and SPI EEPROM, functionally equivalent to the EVAL board from this perspective.

So, it looks like a bug to me, does anyone have a workround?

Thanks in advance


ADAU1467 Interface Write Tests