Can custom SigmaStudio communication plugins be created?

My project has an ADAU1701 and an STM32 microcontroller with USB device support. At the moment, I am using an USBi module to connect SigmaStudio to my board's I2C bus via exposed header pins, which does work and allows me to quickly iterate on DSP designs. However, since my microcontroller firmware would typically be using the I2C bus to do communications with other devices on the board (a display, for example), I am forced to place the micro into a state where it is NOT communicating over the I2C bus if I want to have SigmaStudio be able to successfully talk to the ADAU1701. This project is meant to be a development board for a later product, and ideally I would be able to just plug it directly into my PC and be able to iterate on the DSP design, no additional hardware required.

So here's my question: is it possible to create a custom communication plugin for use with SigmaStudio, where I could set it up to communicate to the ADAU1701 through my microcontroller via USB? Are there API headers available anywhere that would allow me to provide SigmaStudio with a DLL containing the necessary functionality for communicating directly with my custom board?

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  • I see! You're suggesting that if I were to do something similar to what you've done with your "emulator" tool (and assuming the TCP/IP communication bugs in the TCPIP.dll get sorted out at some point), I could just use the TCP/IP communication channel in SigmaStudio and have it talk to a custom tool on my local machine, which I could then have communicate with my dev board through my own custom USB interface?

    That seems like it would work just fine for my needs!

    Did you ever release the source code for your emulator, or for your custom TCPIP.dll? I was not able to find it when searching through your post history. All of the DLLs included with SigmaStudio have been obfuscated (for better or worse), so I'm curious about how you went about getting your custom one into a state where SigmaStudio would actually load it..

  • Hi Rocha,

    Thank you for your work !

    I'm sorry, but I can't find your DLL and source code by searching what you suggested on google (and various other search engines). Could you please tell us where to find it ?

    Thanks !