Bad quality sound

Hello, sorry for my English, I will do my best to explain my problem.
I just bought a learning board to learn how to program the ADAU1452 processor. my project consists of developing a sound streamer with a raspberry pi, I am using a coaxial input from the learning board and I am doing an equalization and crossover process the signal is send to the serial output 0 and 1 of the board, this I2S output is consumed by two DACs to be sent to two amplifiers.
So far I have been able to receive the sound from the asynchronous input, do the equalization and crossover process and send the sound to the respective outputs.
The prototype works perfectly with sound sources of 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz but when I play 196 kHz files, the music is heard well but if I pay close attention to the sound you can hear small sharp "pops" similar to those made by dirty LPs.
Is there anything in the DSP settings that can help remove this sound when playing 192kHz files?