Safe loading 10 parameters in ADAU1452 processor

As per the datasheet, We can safeload 5 parameters as below.

We need to safeload 10 gain parameters, Please share the procedure for this.

For 10 parameters, we understand  safeload  to be handled 2 times.But we are worrying about overwriting of data if any in second time.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 15, 2021 3:48 PM 1 month ago

    Hello Kalaiselvi,

    I will address your concerns in two ways. 

    1) Your direct question first. 

    When you initiate a safeload write the DSP will load in the parameters after the current sample period completes and before the next sample period starts. So once you initiate the transfer it happens very quickly. To start the next safeload you have to write a new SPI or I2C transaction. I2C is slow enough that the transfer will be done before you can write a new I2C start condition and chip address. For SPI you still have to send the chip address so look at the SPI speed and see if it is at least longer than two sample periods and you will not overwrite the data waiting to be transferred.

     2) The need to use Safeload...

    Safeload is required for things like filter coefficients. For gain parameters you do not need to use safeload writes. The new gain parameter can be written directly at any time without a problem. Especially if you are using gain cells with slews. 

    Dave T