How to change sample rate on EVAL-ADAU1467 ?

Dear all,

I am using EVAL-ADAU1467Z Rev. B.

As far as I understood, sample rate on EVAL-ADAU1467 is fixed to either 44.1kHz or 48kHz, when switch S2 is set to standalone mode.

According to the user's guide, with S2 set to I2C it should be possible to set the codec AD1937 to arbitrary sample rates up to 192kHz. Unfortunately the user guide only gives very short comments on this issue, e.g. that it

"requires reconfiguration of the master control port from SPI to I2C and enabling the alternate I2C port on the MP24 pin and MP25 pin".

And it further says

"This configuration is beyond the scope of this user guide".

@ADI, can you please supply an example (simple talkthrough is enough) or information, how to change to e.g. 92kHz sample rate? Setting all the serial inputs and serial outputs to 2*Fs is obviously not enough.

How to reconfigure and "enable the alternate I2C port on the MP24 pin and MP25 pin"?

Can anybody explain, how to make these changes?

This would be really helpful for me.

Thanks and best regards,