Using Two FIR Operations to the same signal. There is a way to save DM0 memory allocation?


Here goes the big picture:

I have Left and Right Input Signals.
Two IR Table.
Left and Right Out.

Right Out =  Gain*(Right Signal with Table 1) +  Gain*(Right Signal with Table 2)
Left Out =    Gain*(Left Signal with Table 1) + Gain*(Left Signal with Table 2)

This way I waste DM0. There is a way to the FIR algorithm use the same sampled signal from the other?

I'm using ADAU1452, and I want dual FIR with 9600 samples.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    Feb 16, 2021 +1 suggested

    Take a look at the "FIR Filter Pool" block (Filters > FIR > FIR Filter Pool). The purpose of this block is to reuse FIR filter coefficients to save memory. An input can be filters with any set of…