SigmaDSP ADAU1466 pink noise generator


I'm checking the pink noise generator of SigmaDSP ADAU1466 and it's weird. Please help.

I tested the ADAU1466 noise generator and the Audio Precision output.

CH1_3: Audio Precision output (Pink noise) -> AP measurement
CH1_5: Audio Precision output (Pink noise) -> ADAU1466(audio bypass) -> AP measurement
I think CH1_3 and CH1_5 are the same.

CH1: Audio Precision output (Pink noise) -> AP measurement
CH1_2: ADAU1466 (Pink noise generator) -> ADAU1466 (audio bypass) -> AP measurement
I compared the output of the noise generator of ADAU1466 and the noise generator of AP equipment. ADAU1466's noise generator has a high gain of about 2db at high frequencies. The results of this test are weird.

I tested white noise in the same way as above, but the Audio Precision output and the ADAU1466 output were the same.

It is the result of making and testing the noise generator of ADAU1466(SIGMASTUDIO 4.2) as follows. How to deal with the symptom that the output gain is high about 2db at high frequency?