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Adau1401 is dead


I have serious problem with ADAU1401. In general it does not start I2C communication and does not ask eeprom for data despite it has selfboot pin high and wp connected to eeprom and low level. I make the reset and power hard reset as well. Nothing. I check I2c by Saleae analyzer. It is always high to 3.3v when power on.

I checked clock mode, voltages on plus and minus pins, voltage on 1.8v pins. Everything is fine. Onboard crystal 12.288mhz has proper clock. Reset pin is connected via 47k to 3.3v and via 100nF to minus. I also increased the capacitor up to 10uF but no effect. Dsp is not warm.

I program eeprom via arduino and check by reading the content and it is fine. Even if something is wrong with this data then ADAU should anyway start I2C communication toward eeprom....i do not use programmer from SigmaStudio just use hex files and convert them.

I connect then I2C lines and ADAU does not start communication toward eeprom after reset or power off and on.

I also disconnected wp from eeprom like somebody suggested here with or without pullup 2.2k resistor but nothing...

Seems like ADAU1401 is dead...i ordered new dsp chip and swapped and still the same....i swaped also eeprom chip, the same. It has 256kb size.

For test i load simple program where input goes into the output or blinking led on mp2 pin with proper pin output in SigmaStudio. Nothing.

Please tell me what can i do more...i am frustrated

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