Checking for DSP-Type via I2C

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I am currently working with an ESP32 Dev-Board and the ADAU1701. I implemented a programm on the ESP for I am able use the TCP/IP-protocoll which Sigma Studios provides. At the moment it is possible for me to upload my DSP-Programm via an Access-Point to the ESP and then by the I2C-Bus to the DSP. But i want to be able to just change the  DSP-Board on the I2C-Bus to lets say the ADAU1401. I then just have to change the Sigma Studio settings but that also changes the TCP/IP protocoll for which I have to upload the correct ESP Programm for each type of DSP.

So my question is if there is a way to check which DSP is currently connected to the ESP on the I2C-Bus. Is there maybe any register on the DSP which i could read and which contains unique information in each DSP-Type?


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    on Jan 6, 2021 8:47 PM 3 months ago

    Hello Kenobi,

    The ADAU1701 and the ADAU1401 are pretty much the same part. They function exactly the same and have the same register set. The difference is with the automotive rating. 

    There is no register that will tell you what the part is. 

    So if you are using the 1701 DLL or the 1401 DLL it will make no difference in the operation or programming of the DSP. 

    Dave T

  • Hello ,

    I'm working on the same project. The example of identifying ADAU1701 vs. ADAU1401 was sort of an unfortunate choice.

    What we want to identify I'd rather call the "dsp family" inside the sigma dsp group. In Sigma Studio there are different blocks to handle the tcp/ip connection for various dsp models. We want to check if the received data format is compatible with the connected dsp (via i2c). E.g. if we're receiving data mentioned for the ADAU1701, but an ADAU1452 is connected. Therefore we want to check, which dsp model is connected.

    Now the question came up how we can identify a dsp family e.g. ADAU145x. Is there something like an ID register? Or is it possible to identify the dsp's with their i2c addresses? Do all sigma dsp's use different i2c address ranges?

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  • Hi,

    can you give us some information about our "family-detection" topic?

    Regards, Markus

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