ADAU1463 SDATAIO usage

I have a PCB coming in that was spun before fully understanding the use of the SDATAIO pins on the ADAU1463. The pic below shows the connections in the HW. The intent was to bring in 8 channels as 4 I2S streams all using the IMX6_ESAI_TC_CLK and _FS as their clock source (imx is master, ADAU is slave) on Serial Input port 3 and the 3 subsequent I2S streams come in on SDATAIO[0:2]. These 4 I2S streams woudl need to run through ASRCs and brought to the ADAU internal sample rate.
And conversely on the output side, I intended to have 8 channels as 4 I2S outputs going out using DSP as Master on Serial output port 3 and the 3 subsequent I2S streams on STATIO[4:6]

After reading up on the SDATA IO pins I see that this will not work as originally intended. I was thinking I may still be able to use the HW without only a slight modification. Will the following work?

For inputs (no HW modification):

  • Set up Serial data input 0 and 2 as a slaves to Serial input port 3
  • Assign SDATAIO0 to Port 0
  • Assign SDATAIO1 to Port 2
  • Assign SDATAIO2 to Port 3

For Outputs (1 hardware modification):

  • set up Serial output port 2 as a slave to port 3
  • connect AMP4_SD to SDATA_OUT2 (HW modification)
  • Assign SDATAIO4 to Port 2
  • Assign SDATAIO5 to Port 3

If this will work what chan will actually contain the data?