REAL programming of EEPROM through DSP in a production test environment

I've seen several posts that dance around the issue, but none seem to really get to the point.

Is there a scriptable (command line preferred) tool that can write a SigmaStudio DSP image through the DSP to the self boot memory?  It isn't acceptable to tell the production technician that they have to click through a gui to do it.  It MUST be fully automated and not (preferably) involve a Windows GUI.

In our situation we have TWO DSP images.  One is a self test that is only used during production.  The second is the image that gets released in the product.  Because there are two, we are unable to pre-program the EEPROM.  There are extenuating circumstances that prevent us from merging the two code images.  They must remain separate.

We'd like to build a production test system that automagically programs the self test image into fully-assembled hardware, lets the test run, then automagically programs the production image.  The whole process should require a SINGLE keyboard press or mouse click on the part of the operating technician.

Can it be done or not?  If so, can you point me to the tools I need?

  • Hi , can u please provide more information, about what DSP model is, what protocol eeprom use  ( I2C or SPI ), maybe i can help.

    Please remember, always provide much information as possible ween ask.

  • I wouldn't even try to do this via Sigma Studio or the USBi in a production environment.
    You could hold the DSP reset pin low (inputs and outputs should be high-z in this state) and flash the eeprom with a dedicated programmer.

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    on Feb 18, 2021 3:34 PM 1 month ago

    Hello Mahnken,

    Since you are mentioning the function of programming through the DSP. Then I assume you are using a Sigma300 or 350. 

    So if you want to use CopperMaze's suggestion then you will need to have some connector on the master comms port lines. The slave port cannot reach the EEPORM unless you use the DSP to pass the data through the DSP. 

    The solution you are looking for will have to be done using a microcontroller or a custom program on a PC. This way you can load in the test program into the DSP, not the EEPROM. Then do your testing. When that is done then program the EEPROM through the DSP by mimicking what SigmaStudio is doing. You can capture this transfer program but this will all be some work. 

    What I think is the simplest solution would be to load in the final program into the EEPROM before it is stuffed onto the PCB. Then program a controller to connect to the slave port and program your test program during factory testing. When it is done then reset the DSP and boot up off of the EEPROM and your good. 

    One detail you probably should have in your hardware is the ability to pull down the SelfBoot pin so it does not try to boot up off of the EEPROM when you connect your custom controller that loads in the test program. There are many ways to do this. 

    Dave T

  • Thanks, Dave.  This is the approach we're going to try to take.