When ? What ? Where ? I'm so curious about the ADAU1472 that I can't hold my questions anymore

Hello folks,

Well, questions are in the title really.
The ADAU1472 is coming around, and it is listed since some months now. However, I was not able to gather much more information about that chip apart from the datasheet.

So, here are my question:

  • What is the current status of the chip? Are you still revising the silicium or are you preparing the middlewares?
  • Will it be programmable with an opensource toolchain?
  • Will Sigma Studio be able to generate binaries for it?
  • When can we expect the first chips and development boards to hit the market?
  • NXP integrated the HiFi4 DSP in some of their IMX8 MPU. They were able to push it to 666MHz. Is the 270MHz figure in the datasheet definitive or are you still improving core speed ?

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